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  • Read now the beauty of breakthroughs in personal growth, personal development, and as an entrepreneur at heart.
  • About the Beauty of Breakthroughs. Young man and young woman seeing their world with fresh perspective.
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All Time Classic Story

Acres of Diamonds by Dr. Russell Conwell

One story at a time? Yes. Here’s an introduction which leads perfectly into not only best understanding of the beauty of breakthroughs, but also, into best understanding of what it means to be a diamond in the rough, experience diamond status, and enjoy your own acres of diamonds.

the beauty of breakthroughs

  • diamond in the rough

    What if experiencing breakthroughs in personal growth is what you experience as a diamond in the rough?

    Whereby you identify with yourself in a whole new way by putting yourself in the spotlight and doing what matters to you.

  • diamond status

    What if breakthroughs in personal development begin to represent more to you than you thought they ever could?

    ... because the progress you make is no different than what happens when you take a diamond in the rough and polish until it becomes radiant. Diamond status.

  • your acres of diamonds

    And finally, what if you took breakthroughs as an entrepreneur at heart to mean you're building on your very own unique capabilities and ways to contribute as a result of discovering what leads to your acres of diamonds.


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